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Congratulations Julia & Nat – success in Green Party England & Wales internal elections August 2020

We’re delighted that two local members have won in the recent internal elections.

Julia Lagoutte was elected Publications Co-Ordinator beating two other candidates. The Co-Ordinator role is defined as:

To support the development of publications during local and nation elections, ensuring Green Party publications accord with the house style, electoral law and other legal requirements.

To work closely with the External Communications, Internal Communications and Campaigns Coordinators to ensure integration between media and publications approaches.

The Publications Coordinator is the GPEx representative to the Green World Editorial Board and is the lead for supporting the use of Green World as a communication tool for the party.

Committee Responsibilities: The Publications Coordinator is a member of Campaigns and Communications Committee, Digital Committee, Members’ Website Development Committee, and the Party Branding & Logo Committee.

Natalia Waring is joining four other elected members on the Policy Development Committee, which:

Ensures that motions brought to conference are the best they can be.

Does not make policy – Green Party policy is made through motions to Conference, and this Committee aims to help members to bring forward the best motions they can, especially by liaising with Policy Working Groups and through the new Accreditation process.

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