Exec Committee - North Herefordshire

    Chair – Nina Shields

    Treasurer – Linda McKinley

    Elections Officer – Helen Heathfield

    Media Officer – Pete Blench

    Minutes Secretary – Gillian Chowns

    Membership secretary – John Nurse

Exec Committee - Hereford & South Herefordshire

    Chair and Campaign Officer – Edward Milford

    Vice-Chair/ Public Enquiries Officer – Diana Toynbee

    Treasurer/ Media Officer – Rob Palgrave

    Secretary – Maggie Setterfield

    Membership Officer – Helen Heathfield

    Election Agent – Helen Heathfield

Herefordshire Council

Herefordshire Council has 53 wards, each represented by a single councillor.

The current composition of the Council (June 2021) is:

    Independents for Herefordshire – 19

    Conservatives – 13

    Liberal Democrats – 7

    Greens – 7

    True Independents – 5

    Ungrouped – 1

The Administration is run by a coalition of Independents for Herefordshire and Green Party.

Commentary on the 2 May 2019 county council election results is here.

The Council operates under a Cabinet system, and two Green councillors sit on the Cabinet.

Green councillors

Cllr. Jenny Bartlett   

Leominster East Ward

Cabinet support Member


Cllr. Ellie Chowns

Bishops Frome and Cradley Ward

Green Party Group Leader

Cabinet Member – Environment, Economy and Skills.

Vice-Chairperson of Employment Panel


Cllr. Toni Fagan

Birch Ward

Planning Committee member

Member of Task & Finish Group on Climate, and Internal Drainage Board

Worcestershire Pensions Sub-Committee


Cllr. Trish Marsh

Leominster South Ward

General Scrutiny Committee member

Deputy Group Leader (at Cabinet)

Herefordshire Local Nature Partnership


Cllr. Jeremy Milln

Central Ward

Planning Committee Member

Spotlight review – Peer on Peer Abuse in Schools


Cllr. Felicity Norman

Leominster West Ward



Cllr. Diana Toynbee

Greyfriars Ward

Cabinet member – Children’s Services, Safeguarding and Corporate Parenting

Health and wellbeing board

Spotlight review – Peer on Peer Abuse in Schools