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HEREFORDSHIRE COALITION PRESS RELEASE 6 September 2021 FREE WEEKEND BUSES HERALDS CHANGES TO COUNTY TRANSPORT POLICY FREE weekend bus travel throughout Herefordshire has been welcomed by those advocating sustainable transport in the county. ‘At last a local authority that is travelling in the right direction,’ responded Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group to the announcement that a […]

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Planning For The Future – Have your say!

THE LATEST PLANNING REFORMS PROPOSED FOR ENGLAND ARE VERY CONCERNING In recent times, Westminster has moved to exert ever-greater control over the planning system though incremental changes to National Policy and Guidance. Local decision-making has been squeezed, so that people have gradually had less and less say in what gets built in their neighbourhoods. The […]

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Ellie Chowns – Hereford Times “Talking Point” September 2020

We need to talk about climate & nature If there’s one thing that (nearly) everyone agrees on, it’s this: the big issues shouldn’t be party political footballs. Instead, we need to find common ground.  Whether we’re talking about social care, the NHS, or environmental protection, we need to listen to everyone and work out solutions […]

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The very concerning state of Herefordshire’s rivers

Herefordshire Green Party, including our seven councillors, are hugely concerned to protect our precious river ecosystems from phosphate pollution from the increasing numbers of intensive stock rearing units being approved in the countryside. This has had a particularly grievous impact for Herefordshire, the majority of which is in the catchment of the iconic River Wye, […]

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Congratulations Julia & Nat – success in Green Party England & Wales internal elections August 2020

We’re delighted that two local members have won in the recent internal elections. Julia Lagoutte was elected Publications Co-Ordinator beating two other candidates. The Co-Ordinator role is defined as: To support the development of publications during local and nation elections, ensuring Green Party publications accord with the house style, electoral law and other legal requirements. […]

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Molly Scott Cato talk – European Green Deal

Herefordshire for Europe Webinar Thursday 1st October at 1800 Herefordshire for Europe‘s webinar on 1 October will cover the proposed European Green Deal – how the European Union is addressing the pressing issues of climate change and environmental degradation. Molly Scott Cato and Emilien Gasc will each speak for 15 minutes with time for questions […]

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