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One thought on “Ellie Chowns MEP – taking her seat in the European Parliament

  1. Ellie myself and my 16 year old daughter where at the bham summer gathering yesterday and were very impressed with your speech as well as the rest of the did say that you would have a number of free places to take people on a free visit to European parliament.i would like to apply for 3 ticket I am a member of green daughter who is 16 aand just finished her gcse and inspired me to join party and for her mother who is an undecided voter at present that we are hopeful to convert to a green daughter is my inspiration and I would love to get these tickets for me remembering that our party is there to provide a good future for are children.i am also disabled with bipolar mental illness and unemployed do I cant afford to take her on holiday so I hope you can help us.
    My email for reply is

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