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Hereford’s Stronger Town bid – have your say

Hereford is one of 100 places invited by the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government to be part of the £3.6 billion Towns Fund, a scheme that seeks to support economic growth in towns and cities around the UK. Hereford is in line to secure up to £25m for regeneration projects in the city.

An independent Towns Fund board, backed by Herefordshire Council, has now been established to lead this work locally. The new group, known as the #StrongerHereford board, will connect with local people to create an ambitious vision. They will be asking residents, local businesses, colleges, schools, and many others to help them identify major projects that would bring about economic and social improvements.

In the meantime residents can submit ideas online here

This is a great opportunity to make Hereford a greener place – so please put your ideas forward without delay!

4 thoughts on “Hereford’s Stronger Town bid – have your say

  1. Stronger villages are as important. Rural areas need not-for-proft organisations – perhaps Ward-based – to channel support for the development of local economies.

  2. The agency called REVO looks after the retail sector in the UK. In 2013 in their document titled “Beyond Retail” they advise that The High Street MUST now diversify it’s “offer” to include “Health, Education and Community Development” . Could we now arrange a Public Meeting if possible or encourage the submission of short essays ( upto 800 words) from interested Herefordians that outline how “The High Street” in Hereford might in practice offer “learning opportunities” / ” support for the NHS GPs and Hospital Doctors- most likely through patient and carer information services ” ways of supporting those in Hereford already trying to work towards “Community Development” ? Malcolm

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